I’m not a user of Propeller Head’s Reason, so I’m not really in the know. But it seems that they’ve developed something called “rack extensions” which allows third party developed to bring their plugins into Reason’s environment. Now check out the ad copy below, doesn’t it sound a bit familiar?

Imagine a future where things just work. A future where nothing stands in the way of your musical impulses, and you always have the means to act upon them.

With Propellerhead Rack Extensions and the Rack Extension Store, you’ll already be there. Instead of unstable plug-ins, authentication nightmares and compatibility complications, Propellerhead offers an alternative: Unifying. Simplifying. Future-proofing.

Rack Extensions expand Reason, and let you add whatever your music needs. Be it instruments or effects, by Propellerhead or others. Try it, buy it, and download it straight into your rack. There simply are no risky choices. Just everything your music needs today. And tomorrow.

Propellerhead Rack Extensions arrive in the next version of Reason, second quarter of 2012. For owners of Reason 6 or Reason Essentials, the upgrade will be free.

I’m not really a big fan of the walled garden approach but I am certainly getting jealous in this case. It looks like with the rack extensions, there is a lot of good (read top notch) type stuff coming down the line. Notice at the end of the video, Korg’s logo is in there too. Don’t be surprised to suddenly find Moog and others in there as well, eventually. It’s no surprise that these companies favor the relative security of such closed systems and depending on what comes out, for you non iDevice users, this may be a sweet opportunity to get on board with some of the app store offerings.

If you’re interested in Rack Exntenions for Reason, you can find out more about them at their website. It’s also been announced that along with Etch Red, Audio Realism is now launching their ABL2 (303 emulator) into Reason’s Rack Extensions as well. Also be sure to watch the video for Propeller Head’s announcement of Figure, their new mobile music making app, available from the app store for 1$. Reason Essentials, Reason’s little brother is also hitting the market @ 99$.