19-09-12 | Pressure

I don’t like watching the world cup soccer so I am having a bit of fun with this improvisation. I only had the sequence dialed in and just made up the intro. Then I thought lets record a video. And this is the result which is all done in one take. I hope you like it.

Rows 1 and 3 of the Synthesizers.com Q960 sequencer are connected to the Synthesizers.com Modular doing the high sequence. I alternate manually between rows 1 and 3 with the Q962 sequential switch. Row 2 is connected to the self-built Modular doing a bass sequence. Intro, outro and chord are played on the Waldorf Q Keyboard. The solo is performed on the Clavia Nord Lead 1 and the Mellotron strings on the Roland XP-80.

via Matrixsynth