Mantle Sound Core is a solo electronica earth ambient noise act based out of San Francisco, CA. MSC shows involve analog drum machines+synthesizers and a multitude of vintage cassette blasters playing homemade tape collages, creating live soundtrack compositions to live video manipulations. The shows center around a screening of the feature length movie Holy Desert, a film produced and directed by MSC, shot in Death Valley in February 2011.

No post-production color filters used in the video. All footage was shot during the concerts and any visual effects, colors, lighting, seen in the music video here came from multiple live multimedia projections of A/V feeds from equipment including an NES system (Contra shown), “Holy Desert” an original feature film by Mantle Sound Core, and live camera feeds projected during the show.

All of the gear was also run thru and manipulated with an LZX Visionary modular video synthesizer, and in addition to being projected was–when working correctly–broadcast to old boomboxes with built-in TVs which we set up around the venues. A traveling art-installation you might say. Enjoy.


Video by Mic Pistorio

Via Matrixsynth