Not the best keyboard action in the world, but so cheap you can buy two of them. Put them in a home-made rack like this, and you have yourself a an instant, super-portable organ! When on the road, the rack bolts onto a stand made of a metal sawing trestle (or whatever it’s called in English), with a wall-mount TV shelf for the laptop.

I ran into this interesting creation today whilst searching the internet for ways to mount keyboards to a wall and I’m just posting this simply because of the “not something you see every day” vibe that comes out of it. This is someone’s home made combo organ controller which looks to be made out of two M-Audio 49 controllers and they appear to be running a VST of some sort of organ emulation on the laptop.

I’m always happy to see and support people doing what they can, with what they got. So it gets a post!