The Coffee Thread.

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Re: The Coffee Thread.

Post by ElectricPuppy »

I have given up sodas. I think the caffeine finally got the upper hand and I just wasn't sleeping or thinking straight, so I gave it up. Hasn't been long, but longer than my previous attempts.

oh this is about COFFEE. Bleh. how can anyone drink that bitter swill?? SWILL, I says!
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Re: The Coffee Thread.

Post by christianrock »

MetroSonus wrote:I never, ever... thought I'd buy folgers coffee.. but their 1890 pioneer blend is actually really good and it's cheap too.

but otherwise, i'm kinda the same. Biggest, cheapest bag from sam's I can get lol.. I always try different brands. i really like gevalia, but it's too strong for me and I end up getting acid stomach and stuff..
Yeah the bag I'm going through now, from Magnum Coffees (Organic Rainforest, Medium Strong) seems to be made by Starbucks. Pretty burned. The previous bag from Costco was this Mayorga coffee that was actually pretty good, but I thought I'd try something different, because the Mayorga, while very good, was only slightly better than a Cafe Bustelo ($2.70 a brick at Walmart)... but that's only because Bustelo is so good. It's hard to believe it's just cheap Walmart coffee.

Now I have to go through this bag, but it's also not sitting all that well with me at times, so I've been drinking it with milk.
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