25-10-11 | Calling In Sick..

Yep I hate to do it, but just wanted to let you guys know where I’m at. I took last Tuesday off with my son then subsequently caught his cold, took Thursday off for the installation of some new French doors for the house and spent since then sick. I’m better and back at work this week, but it’s still hanging on. I digest, but I wanted to let everyone know along with a couple updates.

First off, Tarekith writes in and wants to let you know that his Mastering guide has been updated, which can be found at this link and then secondly, I have a DJ gig this weekend and in honor of my first gig in about ten years, I’ll be doing a tutorial on how to set up a basic DJ performance with Ableton Live.

So there you have it and I’ll be seeing you round when I’m a bit more germ free…

*cough* *cough* *wheeze*