05-08-13 | Yamaha TX81Z Demo

What better way to get to know a synthesizer than making a track with it? I decided to get over the insane difficulty of programming the Yamaha TX81Z, my first FM-synth, and dive into its core only to discover a very interesting and deep machine with lots of possibilities. All sounds are self-programmed except the famous lately bass sound and some additional percussion.

“The Yamaha TX81Z is a 4-operator digital FM-synthesizer module from 1987. It is basically a rack mount version of the DX-11, which makes it a cheap and compact source of Yamaha’s 4-op FM-sounds. What makes this one interesting is the ability to use waveforms other than just the classic sine wave when programming FM-sounds. A true quality semi-vintage synthesizer for a low price, definitely a keeper!”

Sounds & equipment used:

All sounds – Yamaha TX81Z

Via oppyoid