First up, let me say these aren’t real. They’re CGI mock ups that surfaced on a Yamaha users forum. What’s interesting to me though is that these seem designed specifically for Yamaha’s older PLG add on cards for the Motif and CS series workstations; specifically the AN & DX cards, with a bit of VL70 thrown in.

Most people, when they post faked “leaks”, tend to go for over the top dream synths that would be beyond the capabilities and interests of most companies to actually produce. Instead, here we have several subtle yet doable designs that are based off of existing and otherwise “paid for” technology. We’ve seen Korg put this sort of thinking to good use quite a bit lately and leaves me wondering what the real story is behind the mock ups.

Would anyone happen to have any personal info on user PIOTR over at the Yamaha synth forums? Is he (or she) a long standing member? Apparently someone has written Yamaha to let them know about the mock ups and their response is below.

I wonder if it could be a bit of testing the waters in a guerrilla marketing scheme cooked up by Yamaha. Fans have seriously taken note of how they’ve fallen further and further out of the synth market over the years and possibly this could be a potential site of re-entry for them?

yes we have seen it and were all discussing it last weekend.
Cannot comment beyond that.
Yamaha Customer Support”

Photos via Synthtopia