18-05-12 | Yamaha CS-30

Yamaha CS 30 Vintage Synthesizer demo – No Music or Tracks – just 8 min of what you can do with the beast…analogue compact mono synth ;-)

The CS-30 is a large, knob infested, analog synthesizer with masses of features. It is a monophonic synth with two oscillators with separate outputs, two multimode resonant filters, two VCAs, two multi waveform LFOs and three envelopes. It also features a ring modulator, external audio triggering and an excellent 8-step sequencer.

Great sounding with a vast range of possibilities for sound shaping and modulation based experimentation. It can be punchy and fast, richly textured or funky as hell. The closest you get to a modular without patch cords.

This machine is a sound designers dream.

Via Matrixsynth