All sounds including all drums from Xils-Lab PolyKB II

Definitely a very organic sounding synth with a huge Moog style sound, I think the 808 kick is the hugest I’ve ever managed to synthesise – it only uses the filter set on full self-oscillation.

I always try and avoid the “it sounds just like analog” comparisons but this synth is patently designed to replicate one very specific and very analog synth so this time I think it’s appropriate. Check out the lead near the end, that’s one very “analog” sound.

Haven’t really made heavy use of the Oscillator continuous waveform morphing, the sequencer or the innovative DynaMYX/PolyMYX in this track but these are well worth investigating if you get your hands on the demo. I’d recommend reading the pretty decent manual to help you figure these sections out.

Only a light treatment with a compressor on the master and a touch of reverb on a few tracks – otherwise what you hear is what you can expect from the PolyKB.

Grab the demo from: http://www.xils-lab.com/pages/PolyKB.html

Via Matrixsynth