13-07-12 | Xils-Lab Oxium Demo

Single synth demo using the beta of Oxiom from Xils-Labs. 24 tracks of Oxiom, drums and vocals generated separately.

“I’m very impressed with the synth, the GUI is a pleasure to use and feels fun to operate, the filters sound great – you can hear a few in the track particularly the formant. The sync sound is particularly organic and the chorus compares well to my Juno 60. Modulation routings are very easy to use and I liked the default routings for 2 of the LFOs to destinations you’d generally route them anyway. All in all a well thought out synth for a pretty amazing intro price if you pre-order. Grab a copy of the demo here: http://www.xils-lab.com/products/Oxium.html

Introductory price : Until August 15th, Only 69€ instead of €99

Very impressive and Berlin school sounding! This must be the new Xils-Lab synth that was teased about not too long ago. The price is quite attractive too.

Via Matrixsynth