06-10-10 | Windows 7

Those of you who are using it or are considering upgrading may want to take note here. I know it’s been out for a while and we’ve seen quite a few driver updates from all sort of manufacturers. However, I seem to have uncovered something sort of dark and disturbing about Windows 7.

I setup Windows 7 as a clean install on my Dell E1505 laptop about a year ago and it ran fine with no problems at all, from either my hardware or music apps. I purchased a bluetooth chip not too long ago and installed it my laptop when I began having problems with Windows locking up after the screen had been turned off. Of course I did what any good PC literate person would have done in the situation: I uninstalled the bluetooth chip and physically removed it from my machine. However the locking up still persisted. From there, I’ve reinstalled Windows, changed out my hard drive & RAM and ran a clean system with no other programs installed for over a month with the same problem.

Now there are many of you that are probably running a Windows 7 System as a DAW with no issues and you probably aren’t likely to experience any if you haven’t already have been. I’m running Windows 7 just fine on a media server, but take a look at what I’ve uncovered.

Windows 7 seems to have core issues with a certain number of things, namely:

USB support
dual core support
Intel processors

It’s worth noting that Windows Vista also famously suffered issues with all of these things which lead in part to it’s being sidelined by Microsoft. There’s allot of fear out there that Windows 7 is just a reboxed Vista.

That may or may not be true, but that brings me back to my problem in that there’s little to no legacy support for 7. That means that if you thought of souping up your older PC with a lightweight OS, as I thought I was doing, you may soon find yourself with gremlins creeping into your system. And yes, that’s also if you use the Vista drivers for your hardware as MS recommends. That’s MicroSoft, not Metrosonus.

What Metrosonus recommends is that if you have older hardware, ride out XP as long as you can. If you’re running 7 and not having any problems, consider yourself lucky.