First video of my DIY synth. Audio is recorded with the camera so not the best quality.
The synthesizer consists of VCS3, Synthi 100 and JH modules.
4 vco’s (VCS3)
1 Trapezoid (JH)
1 Trapezoid (synthi 100)
1 LPF (VCS3)
1 Sample & Hold (JH)
1 octave filterbank (synthi 100)
1 Wavefolder (JH)
1 Highpass filter (synthi 100)
1 Random voltage generator (synthi 100)
1 Slew limiter (synthi 100)
2 Ring modulators (VCS3)
1 Envelope follower (synthi 100)
1 Noise generator (VCS3)
1 joystick (VCS3)
1 inputmodule (VCS3)
1 outputmodule (VCS3)
1 reverb (VCS3)
1 matrix for audio
1 matrix for control voltages

VCO1 to Synthi 100 filter in Band pass mode to reverb to output
VCO3 to Sample & hold to VCO1 frequency
Synthi 100 trapezoid controls the filter frequency
The joystick is used to control delay, attack, on and decay parameters of the trapezoid and the reverb mix with 68K pins

Via Matrixsynth