02-10-12 | Three Wave Visit

I had to de-stress from a tough day at work so I decide to finally take a ride to Hawthorne, New Jersey. What could be sitting out in a nondescript town on a side road in an industrial park? How about a giant room of synthesizers? Yes. The place is called Three Wave Music. Every now and then a photo will pop up of the place on the Gearslutz’s forums with a title like “Mother of all synth stores.”. Yet I don’t think a lot of people drive out there. Well the own Sam is friendly and some of his pricing is good especially considering it’s retail and his used equipment comes with a Warranty. He also sells on consignment and what is exciting to me is he likes to do barter/trades! Lastly, Sam repairs synths. Go visit and buy something because it’s great store like this exist.

Via WireToTheEar