The Way To Do It

Spotted in this post @ MatrixSynth, FatSynthDude shows us how to do it with a Vostok synth.

“The studio’s in like a hundred million pieces, so I thought I’d finally sit down and do that Vostok demo I’d been meaning to do, but with a little bit of a twist. Instead of just recording dry Vostok and/or multitracking, I sampled a bunch of percussive noises into a Korg ESX-1 and an ES-1. The pad sound was made by sampling into an ESI-2000 and then sending the output through the ES-1, the bass and lead synths were sampled into the ESX-1’s keyboard parts, and then a live Vostok track was sent through the ESX-1 for gating. All sounds did originate from the Vostok. For most sounds, only delay and reverb effects were added. There is some chorusing on the pad and the kick and snare sounds were sent through a DECIMATOR!!!!!!! (CRUSH, DECIMATE, DESTROY!!!) I really enjoyed making this and hopefully will get to do something like this again soon. :-D”

What I like in particular about FatSynthDude’s style is that he went a step further and recorded his Vostok into his electribe samplers and cut up the audio into percussion kits as he so expertly demonstrates in his video.

You know, right now has never been better, musically speaking. We have more ways than ever to make sound and get it into one form or another. It’s also easy to get complacent and just rely on sample packs and presets, however if you try hard, keep your options open and experiment, you’ll end up with highly personal results that will set your music apart from the crowd.

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