09-09-11 | The Killer Combo

first, the minty space echo which i mentioned in the new gear thread, i thoroughly cleaned it yesterday (even though it didn’t really need it) and demagged the heads. it is ready for tape, but didn’t come with any! i’m frantically scrambling around trying to figure out who sells the best re 201 replacement tape, there’s so many opinions. if anyone has any info on this, let me know.

anyway, the other acquisition is the Korg Polysynth, generously on loan from STG until i pay him for it. this synth has had a long journey, but it is safe in my hands now and just sounds absolutely incredible. it is such a rich sounding instrument. you put your hands on it and 80s movie soundtracks just come out…

i’ve only been playing this the last couple of days, but i already feel completely at home with the controls. i think this is truly the simple analog polysynth i’ve always wanted, but i don’t want to jinx myself. i’ll just say that it makes beautiful sounds.

i’ve been jamming on these two yesterday and today, it’s been great fun. when i get a new piece of gear i typically like to revel about in my ‘comfort zone’ for a while, just hit record and jam and cut it up, turn it into a gear demo or what have you. all the space echo is doing right now is spring reverb and slight overdrive, but even that makes me very very happy. i want that replacement tape SO BAD right now.

here’s a demo of just single passes of the Polysix alone through the RE-201, space echo providing reverb and slight OD only:

Korg Polysix demo by donaldcrunk

this jam adds ye olde secrete weapone to the equation, the Digitech RDS 7.6 delay unit. it does interesting and wonderful things, but unfortunately also reduces the sampling rate considerably. take these snippets as you will:

Polysix + Looper demo by donaldcrunk


Via ScenicSquare in this thread, @ HC KSS