White Town – Cut Out My Heart

This is another song I’ve had kicking around inside my head for a while. Very synthpopish with an equally impressive gearlist to match. Jyoti was kind enough to let me know the gear he used on “Cut Out my Heart” via Facebook.

Jyoti’s blog can be found here, which is worth checking out, he seems like a pretty cool guy.

The audio was recorded in Logic Pro but it was sequenced using Elektron gear: Machinedrum and Monomachine. Plus:
Moog Rogue (white noise splashes)
Moog Voyager (middle 8 break – this isn’t sequenced!)
Virus TI Polar
Kurzweil PC3X
Doepfer Modular
Sontronics STC-1 for vocals via SPL Channel One
Genelec 1029as for monitoring.
Oh yeah – Melodyne to turn me into a girl for the harmony vocals on the last chorus. :-)