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Korg MiniLogue Sound Demos

This series of videos, via Earmonkey, explore the sound of the new Korg Minilogue analog synthesizer.

The Korg minilogue is a fully programmable four-voice polyphonic analog synthesizer; complete with a 16-step polyphonic note and motion sequencer, arpeggiator, and delay.

Here’s a summary of video 1, above:

I started with just an INIT patch, one square wave, no FX. Programmed a little polyphonic sequence, then started messing with the filter, envelopes, LFO, and Voice Mode Depth knobs. I really kept it at just this one saw tooth wave and simply changed voice modes. First Poly, then Duo, then Unison, then Mono, then Arp. I added some chorus and reverb when I got to Mono mode, and I added some Roland Space Chorus tape delay when I got to the arp.

I think this synth sounds super warm and wonderful. The modulation possibilities are so fun, even with a limited LFO section (you can only assign the LFO to one source!). I haven’t even scratched the motion sequencing which would give you tons more modulation capabilities.

Video 2 summary:

Working with leads today in Mono and Unison modes and using sync a bit. I don’t really know how to use sync (obviously) but hey, this is a synth jam journal.

Very simple sequence on the Mother 32 just modulating a bass note really. The EMX provides the drums and additional bass. The EMX1 also does motion sequencing like the Minilogue, and you can hear it in the bass note filter modulation.

Anyway, I thought this sounded kind of cool so I kept it, even though my arm is annoying. I’m keeping the arm anyway, though.

Video summary:

Started with a simple pad I programmed the other day, and just tweaked it as I went. Bass throbbing from the Moog Mother 32. Enjoy.

Via Synthtopia