In this thread @ Harmony Central, good friend S&TG seems to have picked himself up a Baldwin Combo Harpsichord and that kicked off a dose of nostalgia as several videos like the one below were posted.

After watching the video, I thought to myself, that looks like the most awesome TV show ever! Sadly, come to find out the video was compiled from clips of various spy movies from the swinging ’60’s. However the work of Syd Dale is gloriously celebrated in this fitting tribute.

I enjoy bumping into clips like this as they offer a glimpse into the golden age of TV that existed somewhere in the middle of the 60’s and 70’s. New technology was allowing TV to be seen like never before and it was daring, sexy and most of all, compelling to watch. All of the special effects and music were hand made in what could be considered an art form. Be sure to check out the related videos for an extra treat!