03-12-12 | Suit & Tie Guy

This mysterious character lives in Chillicothe, Ill. quietly plotting intricate and intense electronic music while blithely being behind the mask of the ubiquitous suit and tie. Along with his personal recorded output (Sacred Earth 2012 is the latest on 1320 Records), Suit & Tie Guy also records other bands (Black Magic Johnson for one) and claims the position of “head honcho and chief dishwasher” for STG Soundlabs, “the world’s only purveyor of exclusively Moog and Eurorack format analogue synthesizer modules.” Joining S&TG in this fascinating foray into contemporary electronica performed in a live setting are Cory Flanigan, a solo drummer/synthesizer player from Peoria and the Luzhin Defense, consisting of the Rogers brothers (Eric and Alexis) playing together to compliment Eric’s original songs. This should prove to be a unique and experimental night of music and a rapid and distinct departure from your normal guitar bands. Get out and get it. It’s good.

Suit & Tie Guy with Cory Flanigan, The Luzhin Defense
Friday, Oct. 5, 9pm
Donnie’s Homespun

Via Illinoistimes.com