You name:


Tell us what type or style of music you mainly produce:

All styles of electronic, but mainly downtempo stuff. Examples here: http://tarekith.com/tracks/

List your gear both hardware and software:

i7 MacBook Pro, RME Fireface 400, Event Opals, Elektron Anniversary Machinedrum, Allen & Heath Xone62, Akai APC40, Kenton Killamix Mini, Akai MPK25, Parker Dragonfly, Line6 HD500.

Ableton Live, Apple Logic, Audiofile Wave Editor, Omnisphere, Stylus RMX, Synplant, + various plug ins.

Briefly describe your workflow:

Typically I write songs either entirely in Live or in Logic, just depends on which one I feel like looking at on a given day. A lot of times I’ll start out with drums on the Machinedrum or in Stylus, and once those get recorded into the DAW, it’s just a long process of jamming and recording the results to edit down and arrange later on. I work almost entirely with audio, even my softsynths get routed directly to an audio track and recorded that way right away.

Take your favorite 1 or 2 pieces of gear and tell us why it’s your favorite:

Hands down my favorite is the Machinedrum, it not only sounds great and is extremely flexible, but it’s made with live performance in mind. I’ve been playing live electronic music for almost 20 years now, so that’s extremely important to me. Nothing comes close for long free form jams to me, and it’s great for things that aren’t drums too.

Briefly tell us any neat things about you or your studio that you want to:

While the studio primarily started out for my own music writing, for the last ten years I’ve been mastering and mixing all forms of electronic music for other artists. 2 years ago things got so busy, that I could turn it into my day job even. More info on that at http://innerportalstudio.com

As such, I don’t like have a lot of gear in front of me that I’m not using for mastering, so most of that is on a table off to my side. All the USB and powercords for those items are all preconnected and hanging on hooks behind my main table, so it only takes me a few seconds to grab any piece and start using it.

Editor’s Note: Be sure to check out Tarekith’s site here, as he was also featured in Electronic Musician magazine.