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Forum name:
Purity Control, I don’t gig or commercially release material but there is a lot of my stuff on Soundclick and Youtube under that name.

Style of music:
Mostly dark electronic and early industrial, sometimes ‘Switched On’ arrangements of classical music, though I don’t mind reinterpreting works from other genres.

Korg SP200, Roland Jupiter 6, Manikin Memotron, Doepfer modular
Effects: Lexicon MX300, Boss CE-20, MAM VF-11 vocoder, Effectrode tube phaser, Vox tube overdrive
Other: Spendor BC-1 monitors, Quad 33/303 amp, Mackie 1202 mixer, MIDI Solutions T8 & MIDI Merge, M-Audio Audiophile interface
Software: Oscillastation, Acoustica Mixcraft, Imposcar, Yamaha Vocaloid Prima

Usually compose on piano, practice until it’s something like then record the MIDI into Oscillastation, then break down the individual parts and use Imposcar while I work out the arrangement, though I rarely record with Imposcar unless it really does a particular sound better than anything else. Then record each track individually and mix and tweak in Mixcraft

Favourite gear:
Memotron, because it’s a good escape from knobbage when you’re feeling that way, sounds amazing and it’s a great keybed too, really just nice to play, also the modular, which is the opposite of an escape from knobbage but when you want or need a sound that’s totally bonkers, it’s just what you want. 4 audio oscs patched as duophonic into 3 parallel bandpass filters modded by two sequencers – no problem. :thu:

The Spendor monitors are an ex-BBC pair and still have the BBC badges on the back, which is very cool, I got them as a bit of a cosmetic fixer upper and am still working on them, originally they would probably have been used with AM8/12 amps, which were a custom mod to BBC specifications of the domestic Quad setup of that era that I actually use with them. The 3 pedals on the floor under the main keyboard rig are the piano sustain, filter cutoff for the Jupiter and hold/sustain for the same, held in place by my patent anti-pedal creep device (a bit of wood with string through it :lol: ). Mostly the Jupiter gets played from the SP200 unless I’m using that to control the modular at the same time. I keep debating moving the SP200 to another room and getting a pedalboard for modular control, which would let me condense everything down to being all in front of me at the same time.