Name: Pedi Talai

Music: Electronic, hip-hop, experimental


– Hardware: APC 40, NI Maschine, Akai MPK49, Avid Artist Mix, Avid MC Transport, TC Electronics Level Pilot, Mbox 2, Alesis DM6 Drums, Mac Pro (3.33ghz/6 core/12 gigs RAM, 2 SSD, Radeon HD 5870)

– Software: Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Reason, Logic, Komplete 8

Workflow: I start out in Ableton Live, I create a track and use Maschine as a VST, then I create a very basic drum beat to act as the click track (prefer it to a click), then I usually add a NI massive track with a synth lead, then I just layer on various plug-ins (mostly from komplete 8). Once I have a nice basic song, I’ll hook up the Alesis DM6 (it has usb midi) and play drums to the song, or just use the maschine and add better drums. Then I finally add variations and different changes in ableton and start messing with it live.

Favorite Gear: Maschine and APC 40. I have gotten so used to them in my workflow, that I honestly wouldn’t be able to make music without the them. The other gear I can get by with not having, but these 2 pieces I need in order to make music. I obviously need the midi keyboard as well, but I feel that was too obvious.

Studio info: I have a 2 bedroom apartment in NYC. My roommate moved out and instead of finding another roommate, I made his room into a small studio. I also use the room to game and lounge around. It’s hard to leave the room at times.