Mike Daugherty / selfinflikted

Music Style:

Industrial, broadly speaking.


Instruments, Controllers, Processors, Noise-makers: Korg MS2000br, Nord Lead 2x rack, Roland SH-201, Yamaha DTXplorer, Boss DR-880, Boss SP-303, Alesis Q25, M-Audio Radium 49, Line 6 POD xt, various electric and acoustic guitars, various electric basses.

DAW Components: Custom built PC 3.2 gHz dual core, 8gig ram; EMU 0404; Cubase 5; MOTU MIDI Express 128; Mackie 1202 VLZ; M-Audio BX5’s.

Above all, the MS2000 is my favorite piece of gear. If that thing ever dies, a part of me will die along with it. The character of the sounds that machine can produce fits my “style” perfectly. It’s extremely knobby, easy to program, has a robust mod matrix, step sequencer, and vocoder to boot! What’s not to love?


This one is kind of tough, since I don’t always write the same way. I guess most often, I start by noodling. Noodling usually leads to a particular sound I really like and/or a hook. Next I’ll add a beat, record the hook and beat into Cubase, loop it and work on fleshing it out. Once there’s a working draft, I’ll go back and record the actual takes that I will use, complete with cleaned up sounds while roughly mixing along the way. If I’m really on a roll, lyrics will pop into my head at some point – I always have the toughest time with lyrics. Finally, I’ll listen to the mix over 9,000 times adjusting volumes and eq’s as needed. I would say lastly I master, but I don’t actually master.