Wavefolder -a nonlinear diode-based waveshaper with voltage-controllable gain and a 10-volt offset range

Sea Devli Filter – A three pole diode ladder lowpass filter with voltage controlled resonance

Post Lawsuit Lowpass Filter – This filter is not a clone of the ARP 4072 submodule. It does, however, have an identical topology with the same transistors and operational amplifier array. Some people may find this is close enough to use the “C” word but not here at STG Soundlabs, so in tribute to the origin of this filter design it is called the Post-Lawsuit Lowpass Filter.

.Mix – Moog inspired four input mixer which has the same inherrant distortion in the original Moog modules.

There are more – you really should vist the website, if only for the amusing copy posted there, and of course you can buy stuff.”


Via Matrixsynth,also here and SonicState.