Hey synthheads! Just a short “what-up” from me about what’s going on with the site.

And I’m here to report that mainly, all is well and I couldn’t ask for more :) But one of my goals here has always been to focus more on original content and make it more into a “guide” as the site name implies rather than a daily blog of re-posted content. So I have next week off for spring break and I think that’s an ideal time to spend some time rewriting some articles and moving things around a bit to neaten it up and make it easier to find.

How exactly I’m going to do that, I don’t know! So don’t be surprised if you see things moving around on the front page. But for those of you that read the blog via RSS, facebook or twitter, you won’t really notice any change.

So stay tuned and if you’ve got two saws, ya might as well detune ’em!