Roland recently introduced the SH-2 Plug-Out synthesizer, a software recreation of the vintage SH-2 hardware synth.

In this video, via sonicstate, Nick Batt takes a look at the new Roland SH-2 Plug-Out software synthesizer.

“The boffins at the lab have done their homework here,” notes Batt. “The result is a musical instrument, not just a collection of ones and zeros.”

The new software synth is unique in that it will run as a standard plugin with Mac & Windows DAWs, but Roland also offers a ‘Plug-Out’ version that you can download to theAira System-1. This lets you run the SH-2 soft synth on the System-1 hardware.

The Roland SH-2 Plug-Out synth will be available 25th September as a download. It will be priced at €75 for a Plug-Out/Plug-in version for System-1 owners and €110 for users that want the Plug-In but do not own the System-1.

See the Roland site for more info.

Via Synthtopia