A quick demonstration of the Roland Jupiter-6 vintage analog synthesizer. Showing some of the signature sounds that are its claim to fame, and some sounds that may be not so familiar.

Not since 1983 has Roland produced anything quite like it. What sorts of things set the Jupiter-6 apart from its peers?

  • Its wild multimode filter capable of Lowpass, Highpass, and Bandpass
  • Like a handful of other synths, compound waveform selections are possible for each of the oscillators.
  • A feature called Cross Mod: it’s like a third ‘virtual oscillator’ which is a frequency modulator for affecting OSC1. The beauty is that you still have OSC2 to do as you wish.
  • Very stable oscillators, and the autotune routine takes about a second to execute! Memorymoog takes around 8 seconds.
  • Envelopes: the attack transients are most unique. They aren’t extremely fast, nor syrupy, but I haven’t been able to get any other synth attack to sound the same.

What are these signature sounds the Jupiter-6 does well?

  • Buzzy things
  • Creamy Sawtooth, silky pad sounds
  • Ambient Drones
  • Gritty, Dirty, Raw, Nasty, Edgy sounds
  • Blippy arpeggios
  • Aggressive stabs/leads
  • and very rude filter sweeps

Via Resofactor on FB