Regarding the iCreative, iStage, iDJ

There seems to be a lot of interest in the iCon products as they seem to be one of the more heavily searched terms on my site. News has been sparse since they were announced at the last NAMM and I just received an email from a reader named Tom wanting to know if there were any updates about the iCon products being distributed in the US.

After reading Tom’s email I suddenly realized that I neglected to put the contact page back up after the site rebuild (sorry about that!) and I gather he must have found his way to me through the forum or searched for me online. So in honor of Tom’s tenacious effort, two points to Gryffindor!

Here is my response:

“I have to say that unfortunately I have had to write off the iCon people. I really don’t hold out much hope of them being distributed here in the US any time soon. My requests to both their US and European offices for information went unanswered. They’re also already well past the release date that they announced at the last NAAM (I believe) and they were also previously announced in 2009, I’m pretty sure but don’t quote me :)

So at this point, all I can say is who knows. If it’s any consolation though, you can get several of the Icon products from European shops if they’re willing to ship internationally. I was almost going to go that route myself, but I just picked up the APC40 and I’ve been hearing dubious things about the build quality in my searches for more information.

Thanks for you email!”

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