06-12-10 | REFX Vanguard 2?

I read recently on a forum somewhere that there is news of a Vanguard 2 on the ReFx forums; however they are unfortuantely closed to non-customers and I can’t confirm if this is true or not. It’s perhaps a draconian, but necessary security measure in today’s day and age.

I’ve written them to ask about this rumor, but can anyone with access to the forum shed some light on this? For the record, Vanguard seems to be very popular with CMG readers, it’s the #2 search term on the website.

This just in.. !! Sam writes in to CMG to say:

I am a Vanguard user and I happen to have the same question yesterday as well (what a strange coincidence). I have not registered with the forums (although I could, I guess), but I do have an account with their support system, so I asked the question of the support team there.

My question:

“This is not really an issue, so much as a question for the team at reFX. I am a Vanguard user and like the product very much, but every time I see a news announcement from reFX, it is always seems to be about Nexus (including new sound banks). Will there ever be any new content or functionality for Vanguard? Thanks.”

Here was their response today:

“Vanguard won’t be developed any further and we will not offer any new expansions for it. However, we are working on Vanguard2 which is getting closer and closer to a beta version.

As a Vanguard1 customer, you will receive an offer to upgrade to Vanguard2 and we plan to release new expansions and features for the new plug-in on a regular basis.”

Thanks Sam!

That’s great news. I admit, I haven’t used Vanguard since 2003-4 and since then it’s become lost somewhere in stacks of CD-ROMs that have gotten shuffled and reshuffled through the years in the midst of moving to and from college. But it was one of my first VSTs (and probably for many others as well) and it’s nice to see that it hasn’t been forgotten and an update is in the works.

Now if we can only get GMedia to finish ImpOSCar 2!


ReFx has written me back to state that Vanguard 2 will be available in Spring, 2011.