Believe it or not, many of the same controllers you use with your DAW and VSTs can be programmed to send CCs, NRPNs and even sysex commands. This makes them the ideal companion for programming and playing rack synths, ROMplers or even keyboards that may lack physical controls.

But of course we all know juggling dozens of wall wart power adapters is usually an unpleasant task. So it may relieve you to know that the same wall wart adapters that have a USB port to charge cell phones and tablets can also be used to power your controller! And chances are, you may have one laying around in an old box somewhere! And if you don’t, these chargers are much cheaper to buy than replacement wall warts from electronics stores.

What’s neat about them is that most road cases or rack power units have at least one power port on the front, which makes set up at a gig pretty simple! And if you have more than one controller, no problem! USB chargers come in multi-port versions as well.