I caught these couple of quotes on the GFORCE diary page along with the photo above. Seems like they were a bit excited at the purchase of a new synth and that it was work related. It’s interesting because I was sitting here thinking we’ve already had a couple of NAMMs and we haven’t heard anything from them since the long awaited release of impOSCar 2.

Could this be something new in the works? It would make sense that they would want to purchase a Synthi in order to model it. one can only wonder, but time will eventually tell.

After waiting a little longer than our feverish excitement would have preferred, I’m left wondering how good it sounds and exactly what it’s condition is. Dave’s in for a late night.

I haven’t had so much fun at work in a very long time. It’s rare that I find time to immerse myslef in something so warm and truly interesting. Dave and me look at one another and say “WOW”, then batter our ears black and blue.

Via GFORCE Diary