25-11-14 | Pedalboard XXXL

My IKEA hack is a pedalboard XXXL.

What I needed, was a pedal board with lots of space as well as being easy to take to a gig.
The set-up is perhaps a bit unusual; being a lead singer and bass player my requirements included;
• space for 8 pedals, mainly for bass but also one large Roland VE-20 for vocal effects
• space for the pedal controlling my EBS-amp
• space for a rack mounted mixer, facing upwards (so I can see it easily)
• space for a patch panel, to configure the various signal paths
• easy connection for my personal multi cable to/from PA-mixer
• enough room to hide power cable etc inside
• and wouldn’t it be nice if I could also attach my mic stand and monitor speaker to it
• perhaps include lighting
• and most of all, a way to easy turn this into a transport-safe box

After a lot of thinking and procrastination, I decided on purchasing an IKEA kitchen cupboard, placing it vertically rather than horizontally, and using the door as a ramp for my stuff. Also get one extra door, turn it into a lid to protect the mixer on top.
Close the door and put the lid on top, close the latches and I’m ready to go on tour..

Note: I did not create this project. Please see the via link for more info.

Via IkeaHackers