04-01-12 | Patch Panels

I happened to be the lucky guy that scored the above rack as it was being thrown out from my work. The TR rack is mine though! Looking to rebuild the studio a bit, I’ve been wanting to condense everything down to just a few rack synths, groove boxes and outboard effects.

My workflow is a bit different from most people since I use Ableton Live to record one or two things and then play them back while I’m working on another part. I also like to get really experimental and connect everything together in all sorts of different ways. I realized that inevitably I needed to start researching patch panels, but it hit me that I wanted one for MIDI as well, mainly because from time to time, I’d like to patch in groove boxes and other sequencers to control the racks independently from the PC.

A quick search online turned up the following product, which comes in two kinds of backings: solder connections of female DIN. Prices aren’t too shabby either, considering each F/F connector would cost around 10$ a piece. Check ’em out here.