Also added to theĀ Matrix-12 tutorials by gstormelectro here.

“Selected patches can be downloaded http://gstormelectronica.blogspot.com/

This is sound demo of the Oberheim Matrix-12 synthesizer. All but two sounds programmed by G-Storm Electro. Hopefully shows some of the ridiculously flexible sound architecture that is possible with this board. I’m playing some riffs both of my own original music and from some of the bands that have influenced me. The last bit, Intro to Gunslinger, while it is short it DID take a couple of weeks practice to get it right and is backed by a Machinedrum.

A summary of song riffs played:
G-Storm – Miranda (By The Sea)
Radiohead – All I Need
Depeche Mode – Enjoy The Silence
G-Storm – Cerulean Deraileur
Jimmy Van M ft. Terra Deva – bassline from Love Like Sleep
G-Storm – Spaced Out Beauty
New Order – Blue Monday
G-Storm – Aerial
808 State – breakdown from In Yer Face
Garbage – You Look So Fine
Sasha – Mr Tiddles
Go West – intro to Call Me
G-Storm – untitled track
G-Storm – Expectations (a really old unrecorded track of mine)
Spaced Out Beauty
M83 – You Appearing
Immersion Domain – 1000 Images (I used the same Limuidz factory patch on the Xpander for that track)
Van Halen – I’ll Wait (Eddie used an OB-Xa, I believe)
G-Storm – Descendant
Vangelis – Blade Runner (Opening Titles)
G-Storm – Gunslinger
G-Storm – intro to Gunslinger

Recorded via Alesis Multimix-8 and into Macbook w/ only occasional additional effects from the Multimix added for select sounds.”

Via Matrixsynth