Just FYI, the LaunchKey Synth is available right now, for free, from the app market on iTunes. It’s certainly neat and for free, you should definitely give it a try and it doesn’t require the controller to work.

One thing I’m curious about though is this bit of copy for the LaunchKey controller: “an integrated software/hardware instrument”. There is also the companion Launchpad app and the iPad is able to power the controller, so I’m curious if it will be a stand alone app or work as a remote for Ableton Live; or perhaps even both.

The advert does say that the controller ships with both apps and content from LoopMasters and the Launchpad app is shown with the controller, not a laptop. So it could be quite possible at NAAM that the Launchpad app with be introduced as being a mini version of Ableton Live with the ability to load loops into the pads.

This could prove to be very interesting….