“Check out great deals on the Roland AIRA Series at Nova Musik:

Casey Bishop from Roland US takes us through the Roland AIRA Series at Nova Musik.

AIRA uses revolutionary modern technology to resurrect and enhance legendary machines, offering a new series developed with emphasis on the spontaneous creativity and hands-on performance inspired by vintage electronic instruments, all while integrating perfectly into today’s computer-based production environments.
Using Analog Circuit Behavior (ACB), AIRA virtually recreates the behavior of traditional analog circuits in classic machines like the TR-808, TR-909, TB-303, and SH-101. AIRA then combines the organic sound and behavior of ACB with modern effects like Scatter and USB integration with computers to pick up where analog classics left off and develop a completely new technology. The end result yields sought-after sound qualities of vintage instruments combined with powerful modern manipulations and performance features.

Shop Nova Musik and get more value and the best customer service with your new AIRA electronic music gear.”

Via Matrixsynth

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