“All of the synth sounds were my eurorack modular, except the pad. That is the Korg M3 (obviously, it’s the only polyphonic part). The pinging percussion loop at the opening is a Harvestman Hertz Donut modulated by my Doepfer Dark Time sequencer. The Synth arpeggio that comes in is a sequence created by my Noise Ring, which is going through a quantizer (Intelijel uScale) and controlling a Harvestman Piston Honda. The Honda is going through an Abstact Data Reactive Shaper (brillian module). My uLFO and Vulcan modulator are slowly animating the shaping. The drum loop is NI Maschine playing some of the stock sounds. I also recorded a low bass pulse and the synth sound at the end, which was the Piston Honda through the Intellijel Corgasmatron filter. The pad sound from the M3 was my own custom patch.

This track was assembled by recording multiple passes of the modular and then comping together the best bits. The Ping track and the Arpeggio track are each a single take without looping (this keeps the track feeling less static than it is). The pad track was done in one take with no MIDI editing before I tracked it. It was put together using Ableton Live 8 and all the FX you here are stock devices included. The only exception is the Korg M3 which is using its own internal effects. Recording was done using a MOTU 828mkIII.”

Via Noise Theorem on G+