Marc Doty ipad from Moog Music on Vimeo.

ASE = Analog Synthesizer Emulator? We’ll have to wait and see I suppose.


Releasing a polyphonic software synth doesn’t in any way mean that Moog isn’t working on a polyphonic analog hardware synth. One could even imagine that these efforts might one day be related.

For now, all I can say is that it would have been possible to use much juicier sounds for the first teaser… but it looks like they edited together some very candid “reaction” footage using the actual sounds that happened to be dialed up by a first-time user.

Trust me that there are luscious worlds of sound in there… you ain’t heard nothing yet. Although the sound from about 0:12-0:19 in that clip is pretty nice. :)

this is no mere “app with a Moog logo.” It was designed right here at Moog from the ground up, and I put a great deal of work into it myself. The goal was to create a truly expressive, emotive, and musical instrument, not just another app or sound toy.

I will stand back and allow you to judge if we’ve succeeded. With only a few seconds of random audio and not even a screen shot yet to go by, I might suggest you wait a little bit…

Interesting comment, could it be that Moog is prototyping a polyphonic analog synth in an app?

From this thread @ gearslutz