05-01-12 | Moog Minitaur

Photo Credits: Moog

Appearing @ NAMM 2012? Slated at maybe 600$ wow! Even at that price I may just have to get one. It appears to be a module version of the Tarus bass pedal with some serious upgrades including DIN MIDI and USB MIDI!

Here are the preliminary specs:

  • 100% analog audio signal path, based on Taurus I and Taurus III synthesizers.
  • 2 Taurus VCOs with variable Glide amount
  • Sawtooth (original Taurus) or Square waveform selection for both VCOs
  • External Audio Input
  • Headphone out
  • 2 Mixer VCAs for setting the level of the VCOs
  • 1 VCF Moog/Taurus-style Ladder Filter w/ VC Resonance
  • 1 VCA
  • Two Minimoog-style ADSR Envelope generators with the Decay and Release segments controlled by the Decay
  • knob plus a Release On/Off switch
  • 1 MIDI-syncable triangle wave LFO for modulating VCF/VCOs
  • DIN MIDI In and MIDI over USB out