This was rather fast project to do, and didn’t cost me any money. I completed all the goals set at the beginning and my monitor can stand safely on top of the keyboard. Now it looks like it’s some valuable vintage synth, not a toy keyboard from 90’s. This was a very successful project.

I really like these projects that are handmade and that either re-purpose an existing object or they modify them in some way to extend their capabilities beyond the original designer’s intentions. Perhaps because it hearkens back to my youth, when there were more things that were made by people than machine, or because it speaks of a simple time, when tools like a drill press were found in the average garage and making things last was preferably to tossing them out for next years model.

Regardless, this controller is a fine example of some down home ingenuity; I really like how it was improved both in aesthetics and functionality by doubling as a monitor stand.

A full write up of the project with progress pics can be found here.

Via Matrixsynth & Metku