The first real “track” here. I wanted to do something summery like Roedelius or so. Not sure if it is the Belgium weather but it didn’t end up that summery.

No full explanation of the patches this time, but some info:
– main sequence is from the oberkorn: 2 16 note sequences, each played twice, using a clock divider and sequential switch
– these sequences are played by the Livewire AFG through the AMSyths JP6 filter
– then through my Korg PME4: 3 analoge delays+flanger
– baseline is from the 3rd channel of the oberkorn, played by a doepfer VCO through the AS multimode filter
– the “strings” are the could generator controlled by an SQ8 sequencer through the AMSynths JP8 filter (clocked at 1 step for each 16 steps on the oberkorn), through a Boss DD20 delay
– everything is transposed by a second SQ8
– all notes are quantized using 2 doepfer quantizers
This is recorded in one run. Then I added two tracks whit some random noises from a noise source through an AS “EMS” filter, an AS echo module and the korg PME40X pedal board.

The mandolin was not used …

Via Matrixsynth