MESSE 2010 – Korg Monotron

Just one more reason I love Korg, this year at MusikMesse they announced their release of a fully analog monosynth with the same filters from the famed Korg MS10/20: The Monotron.

The Monotron is a small battery powered, ribbon controlled, self contained monosynth that features a VCO, VCF and LFO (that can be set to control either the VCO or the filter.) It also features an onboard speaker and audio inputs to run through the filter! How cool is that? Expected retail is about 100$.

Technical Info:

-Full-fledged, true analog synthesizer: VCO, VCF, LFO

-Inspiring, easy-to-play ribbon keyboard

-Intuitive, fun-to-tweak controls

-Features the same classic analog filter found in the legendary Korg MS-10 & MS-20

-Filter any external source using the audio input jack

-LFO can modulate either pitch of filter cutoff

-LFO Rate knob features cool LED visual indicator.

-Battery operation and palmtop size equals true portability

-Internal speaker/headphone jack lets you enjoy the sound anywhere, alone or with friends!

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