Karl Bartos (electronic musician, ex-Kraftwerk, co-composer of songs like The Robots, The Model, Computer World,…) and Masayuki Akamatsu (media artist and author of various iPhone apps) created a 16 step music sequencer now available for free on the AppStore. Created in support of Red Cross site, the app was presented in the form of installation in Kyoto comprising 35 iPads and inviting guests to download the app to the iPhone and use the room as an instrument.

This application includes a 16 steps sequencer , Multi-touch note input, 32 polyphonic tones + 1 drum track, 4 waves (saw, triangular, square, sine), 4 drumbeat loops and Wi-Fi sync play.
Platform: iPad/iPhone
Version: 1.0
Cost: $0.99
Developer: Karl Bartos and Masayuki Akamatsu

Find out more on itunes.

Spotted by kooki_sf @ HC KSS in this thread. More at the original @ CreativeApplications.net.