Korg Poly 800 II Demo

Korg Poly 800 II Demo

The Korg Poly-800 II (not to be confused with the original Poly-800) is an interesting polyphonic analog synthesizer with built in digital delay. The basic sound of the Poly-800 MK 2 is different to the original Poly-800 MK 1. The filter sounds different and it has faster envelopes. It is a small, powerful synth.

In this movie I play some of my own sounds – no external effects or eq were used.


Do you have a Korg Poly-800 II and want to get hold of those fantastic sounds heard in the video?

The “ANALOGAUDIO1 POLY-800 II PATCH BANK” costs 12,99 Euros and includes 64 great patches – warm analog pads, interesting retro sounds, fat basses, sequencer sounds and funky leads (in one word: all you hear in the video and some more).

As an experienced synth player, programmer and composer I programmed these patches at a professional level for studio use. This patchbank gets the most out of your Korg Poly-800 II. Also included is a patch list (PDF), to find the right sounds quickly. The sounds are not available anywhere else.

Please note, this patchbank will only work with a POLY-800 MK II – it will not work with the original POLY-800 or the EX-800.

After payment through PayPal you will get a sound file for the tape interface of your Poly-800 II and a patchlist via email.

If you want to buy the “ANALOGAUDIO1 PATCHBANK”, please drop me a mail:


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