While not an impressive performance, it does show off the drums and some of the sequencing capabilities of the Monotribe, as it looks like it supports motion sequencing in the video. It’s unfortunate that the video doesn’t do a better job at showing off the sounds the Monotribe is capable of, however there’s plenty of excellent Monotron videos on Youtube that will give you a good idea.

Just in, a rumored street price of 250$ and it appears to be limited to 8 steps. 16 steps I could see, 8 is too limiting for any serious use, let alone the gear needed to make use of it; loopers, samplers etc. I suppose if you already had all the other Kaoss pads you could find a place for it in your setup, but if not, I bet you can expect bosanova beats to be showing up all over youtube soon.

From S&TG on Facebook.

A tour from Korg @ Messe:

Via SonicState.