Via Matrixsynth

Ok, just WOW on this one. I, like most people, was a hater when the iPad first came out. I figured great, here is another piece of crap aimed at middle America that can’t run a real OS or even run Flash, which 99% if the internet runs on just because of Steve Job’s megalomania. Most of the apps so far for the iPad have been uninspiring, just gimmicky programs I could do better with my own software and hardware that I already own. But in this case, the iElectribe actually sounds as cool as it looks; I’m quite impressed. If this sort of quality keeps up, I may actually get my arm twisted into buying one; especially if they offer the MIDI dongle for the iPad like they do for the iTouch / iPhone. What I’d really like to see are sequencers and MIDI editors for your hardware gear. This would be a fantastic platform for quickly plugging into your synth and editing a patch.

iElectribe @ iTunes