18-07-13 | Korg FSR1 Demo

These are the factory voices with no additional processing. My original intent was to do a voice-over as well, but you may have wanted to hear the sounds (go figure), and not my Ben Stein-esque drone of opinions of each sound, so I will put that in the annotations layer instead, where you can turn it off if you like.

The FS1R is an eight-operator FM synth, Yamaha’s only as far as I know. The number of algorithms is increased to 88, and it retains compatibility with the DX7. Additionally, the “formant shaping” engine allows very intricate control of
the complex FM spectrum. It works something like a vocoder or a parametric EQ with knob automation. You can hear it in the “talking” voices.

When Tom Oberheim was showing off the reissued SEM, he surprised me when he qualified his demo with, “I’m not a keyboard player.” Well, I’m not a -good- keyboard player. I design, repair, and modify synths. When I play, it is usually for my own enjoyment. But I will do the best I can to give you an idea of what this module sounds like in qualified hands.

There are 512 performances on this synth. I ran through them as fast as I could and managed to get about 50 into a ten-minute clip. Despite my expedient approach I still needed to clip out some of the silent parts to fit it into two videos, so you’ll notice some jumpy editing.

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