19-04-11 | Korg DW-8000 Tracks

I happen to love the hybrid synths, they tend to have a resonant, squelchy sound that is hard to duplicate and that can sound great if you tune in the sweet spot on your basses and leads. Hybrids are called as such because they usually contain one or more analog sections (usually the filter) combined with a CPU that allows the synth to have patch storage and other options. Typically the oscillators are sampled wave forms that are stored on a ROM chip.

It’s also worth noting that the analog portions of the hybrids were made possible through the miracle of “synth on a chip” technology; meaning that rather than discreet electronic components (as found in traditional analog synths) they were miniaturized and placed onto integrated circuits, or “computer chips”.

Being in that they were mass produced, this allowed synthesizers to become cheaper with more capabilities. These chips came in two flavors, CEM (Curtis ElectroMusic Specialties) and SSM (Solid State Music). Korg I believe is the only major manufacturer to develop their own proprietary version, which features a 4 pole filter and is found on the DW-6000/8000 and Poly 800.

These demos were posted by user grumphh over at GearSlutz in this thread.


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