Korg DS-8

Image Credits: DeepSonic.ch

This popped up on a forum as a mention in a particular handsome synth thread and I had to admit two things: I really like the look of the Korg DS/DW series and I had also never heard of the Korg DS-8!

If you haven’t heard of it, Korg’s DS-8 is a 4 OP FM synth that’s based on Yamaha’s FB-01 4 OP tone module (I never knew Korg made an FM synth either!). The specs on the DS-8 seem to make it quite a capable beast, even if it does fall a bit short of Yamaha’s DX range: 4 operators with a filter on each one, ADSR, LFO,on board digital effects, 61 keys and Korg’s famous joystick controller. You can also get a 49 key version in a nifty futuristic package in Korg’s 707 synth, which maintains the DS-8 engine, but drops the effects.

As you might expect, it’s good for DX styled pianos percussive sounds. But here’s a good video of the other neat stuff you can do with FM:

You can find more handsome synth pics and discussion in this thread @ HC KSS

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